Insulin Pumps and Sports

A recent forum comment highlighted the challenges of Diabetes / Insulin Pumps and Sports

I’ve been having trouble lately with my pump and sports. I am very athletic and play football and support Manchester United Tickets (more than is probably sane haha). Last summer I decided to get an insulin pump and its been great for bloodsugar control but its at odds with me and contact sports such as football.

The pump is obviously to fragile to be hit by people upwards of 200lbs haha

So I have to remove the pump during practices and games (even the injection site barely survives through a practice, sometimes being ripped off on impact). In practices this isn’t too bad as I can find time to sneak away from coach (well, I ask) and attach my pump and hookup to do some insulin at the half-way mark in practice.

The big problem comes during games… High bloodsugars ack! I will finish a game around 16.0 mmol/L on a bad day…
With the pregame warm up on 3d TV and the game itself, it can be 2 and a half hours or more without being able to put the pump on.
I can’t do insulin to cover the whole time before-hand or I go low during the game (not good to be a linebacker that can’t stand)

I try to do insulin when I’m off the field, but with only a brief amount of time off and slow delivery I can’t get enough insulin…
Gack, I’m lost, I’m hoping to find a better solution by the time the season starts up again, cause the way I try to fluke it I have balanced to end around 9.0 and 12.0 which isn’t great, and still spike to 15.0 once in a while 

Our specialist advises that if you have a MM 522, u can use the sport guard case (Lexan) to protect the pump from pretty much any impact that you can survive.  These are fairly good value around $60

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