Insulin Pump

harley-st-diabetesAn insulin pump is a medical device used for the administration of insulin in the treatment of diabetes  (also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy).

An insulin pump consists of

  • the pump itself (including controls, module, and power source )
  • a disposable reservoir for insulin (normally contained in the pump)
  • an infusion set and a mechanism system to interface the insulin reservoir to the cannula.

Many diabetics are now finding that an insulin pump is preferable alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin by insulin syringe or an insulin pen and allows for intensive insulin therapy when used in conjunction with blood glucose monitoring and carb counting.

NHS Insulin pumps

Insulin pumps can be obtained on the NHS but it is not always easy.

Many GP’s won’t simply provide an insulin pump if you ask for one.

Sometimes a GP, doctor or diabetes specialist nurse may  suggests that a patient would benefit from a pump;

However, before an insulin pump can be prescribed, the patient (or the patient’s carer), the GP, and the diabetes consultant must all agree that a pump is the most appropriate solution and suitable for the patient.

However, many patients are disappointed when their requests to receive an insulin pump are repeatedly refused and many then go to a private Harley St Clinic to request an Insulin Pump