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For some reason, many business owners treat their website like a necessary evil. They spend as little money as possible commissioning one then just leave it sat there in cyberspace with little regard to what it really should be doing.

The Internet is awash with poorly designed, badly constructed websites that have no hope of ever attracting new customers for the business – is yours one of them? It really is commercial suicide to let potential customers find one of these rogue sites. Some business websites are so bad that they’d probably be better not having a website at all, that’s just how bad some of them are!

It really all boils down to first impressions with potential customers. Think about this – would you visit a potential new customer wearing jeans and a t-shirt you’d slept in for a week? A stupid question obviously because no sane business owner would expect to gain new customers by presenting such a terrible first impression, no matter how fantastic their goods or services were.

Is it really any different having a terrible website that completely repels your potential customers? Sadly a poor website will probably do more damage to your business than you can by visiting customers looking like a tramp.

As a London Web Design agency we can provide everything you need to get your business online including Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO London), E-Commerce, Blog DesignWordPress Web Design, Email Campaigns and Internet Marketing.  We also provide Web Design Watford and SEO Watford services to a variety of SEO Company

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